viernes, 18 de junio de 2010

Entrevista de trabajo: conversación telefónica de inglés comercial

Aquí tenéis frases que os podéis oír/ escuchar por teléfono:

1. Con la centralita o con el/la secretaria/o:

… (company). Good morning.
… (company). Good afternoon.
… (company). How can I help you?
I'm afraid you have dialled the wrong number.
Who would you like to speak to?
What does it concern, please?
Would you mind telling me what you're calling about?
Hold the line, I'll put you through.
I'll pass you over to … (department).
… is speaking on another line.
… isn't in (yet).
… is away on business.
… is on holiday (this week).
… is out for lunch.
I'm afraid, … is not available at the moment.
… will be back any minute.
I'm sorry, but the line is engaged.
There's no reply.
If you hold the line, I'll try again.
Would you like to hold?
Could you try again later / tomorrow?
Can I take a message?
Would you like to leave a message for …?
If you give me your phone number, … will call you back.
Could I have your name, please?
Could I help you? / Maybe I can help you?
2. Con la persona a la que llamas y tus posibles preguntas:

… ( su nombre) here. / …(Su nombre) speaking. / This is …( su nombre)
This is … (company), … (name) speaking.
Sorry, I must have dialled the wrong number.
Could I speak to …, please?
Am I speaking to …?
Could you put me through to …, please?
It's about …
I'm calling about …
Could you please tell … I phoned?
Could you give … a message, please?
Could you ask … to call me back?
Do you know when … will be back?
Will … be in the office tomorrow?
I'll try again later / tomorrow.
Maybe you could help me?

3.- Si no oyes bien lo que te están diciendo o no entiendes bien lo que dicen:
My English isn't very good.
The line is bad.
I can hardly hear you.
I didn't get that.
Could you speak more slowly, please?
Could you speak louder, please?
Could you repeat that, please?
Could you spell that, please?
Sorry? / Pardon?
4. Ejemplos de conversación: en la etiqueta de That´s English en la web de la BBC

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