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Propuesta de clase TIC: to be/ am/ is/ are -Primaria y repaso para Secundaria-

Lesson plan:
Timing: 2 hours
Level: 1º ESO/ 6º Primaria
Term: Ist 
Session: 1st 
              2nd- test, results, homework, revision and FAQ´s.
Skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening, connecting concepts/ structures.
Methodology: active,work in pairs,critical thinking.
Contents: to be, nouns, adjetives, adverbs, prepositions, etc. 
Grammar : to be verb through giving opinion,introducing themselves,indentifying people
1. Vídeo o foto para las ideas previas (warming up and pronunciation)
1.1. Speaking Who are they? what are their names? questions and answers

1.2.Reading and listening:

I am.....lyrics

You are...lyrics

We are...lyrics
2. Explicación en la pizarra digital o tradicional
3. Otras posibilidades de exposición:
      3.1. Youtube
      3.2. Comics
      3.4. Tradicional
4. Exercises:
                    identificativos:1- underline, circle, choose-
                    creativos: 123- write, fill in -
                    relacionales: 123- match-
                    sintácticos: 12

5. Songs: idem supra lyrics

6. Writing1
    Write six sentences describing the people around you, please, be polite. When you finish, give your paper to your classmate and follow the instruccions, thanks.

7. Speaking:
8: Different structures:
    to be verb (+/-/?)
    I am a teacher/ here/ 15 years old/ tall/ angry/ cold,-yes, I am-, late, ....// I am + writing
    We are students......
9: Review:1
10. Homework and task: make a poster with your favorite singer and describe him/ her.
11. Oral test: What is your name/ surname?  How old are you/ is your partner? Where are you from? Where do you live? Where do you study? What is your favourite subject? Are you interested in ecology?When are the English sessions? How are you? What time is it? Are you fine?
12. Final task: write a summary of these two English sessions and give your opinion.

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